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Xtreme Cleans – Keep Your Business Safe by Cleaning & Disinfecting It

As we stare down into the future with empty eyes, we realize that it’s not looking all that bright now, isn’t it? As far as we can tell, things are looking down as local health agencies have told us several times over hat there is a possibility that the dangerous Influenza season is coming straight for us topping off the already devastating COVID-19 pandemic that we’ve had to live through.

In order to help you get through these trying times, we, Xtreme Cleans, have decided to take on the job of instructing you on how to keep your business safe and clean, making it so that both you and your customers can spend your days at work without having to go through the unnecessary risks that come with living in such a jampacked environment.

As the cold and flu season begins, we are seeing just how dangerous working in an office or a cubicle really is. The fact of the matter is that according to several experts statements’, what’s truly important here is to make sure that both you and your business are taken care of so as to not get hit full force by these diseases.

Ever since COVID-19 hit the scene we’ve pretty much gotten a handful of wakeup calls all depicting the fact that we are not prepared to take on the pandemic, we are not even prepared to take on the flu season at that.

The sad reality is that as an industry leader in the commercial cleaning space, we here at Xtreme Cleans have decided that it’s time that we educate those that don’t know any better on the many ways that you can clean and disinfect your working space so as to make sure that nobody gets sick while at work.

So, here is what we suggest that you do in order to make sure that everything works accordingly and that you don’t have to worry about anyone or anything getting in your way:

Prioritize Frequently Used Surfaces

If you want to make sure that no diseases spread around your office then you’ll need to get your hands dirty as you continue to clean up the most used surfaces around the place.

If you want to you can always hire a professional, we’re always available for the job, but if you’re looking to save money and you have already had the cleanup crew there then it doesn’t hurt to do some cleaning up yourself.

Not only that though, but we also recommend urging your employees to clean the surfaces they touch the most. If you don’t want to lose billions every year because your workers are calling in sick then you need to take this precaution otherwise, you’ll be suckered into losing a lot more than just your time.

So, make sure that you contact your employees and you let them know the importance of cleaning up their phones, keyboards and whatever surfaces they touch the most, whether that’s the bathroom door handle, the laptop, the tablet they use, etc.

This is an important step that many people forget because we as a society are told to not worry about anyone else’s hygiene and simply focus on our own. The problem with this ideology is that it doesn’t apply to closed working spaces.

If you’re sharing a working space together you need to make sure you’re clean for the sake of everyone else too, because if you get sick then chances are that your neighbor is also getting sick and so on and so forth.

Add In Staggered Shifts

The great thing about staggered shifts is that it minimizes the amount of time that your workers will spend with one another. Even leaving the hygienic side of this out of the picture, the working space shouldn’t be a place where you have fun and interact with others.

Unless your job specifically demands team effort, you should add in staggered shifts so that the workers can concentrate on what they’re supposed to be doing and more important so that they don’t make contact with one another.

A simple handshake is often considered to be the best way to greet your coworkers, but in these trying times that we’re currently undergoing, you’re pretty much just abandoning your own health right there by touching someone else’s hand.

According to a recent study, less than 50 percent of all Americans have problems with cleaning their hands, making this the most common method of spreading diseases out there. If you don’t want this to happen then add in staggered shifts to minimize the amount of time your workers spend with one another.

Add In Virtual Meetings

If there is one good thing that came out of 2020 it’s definitely the rise of virtual meetings as opposed to actual physical meeting. It made sense at first considering the fact that we were all stuck in our houses, but we still needed to continue working for a living.

But, as we look at it objectively, it becomes clearer and clearer that virtual meetings are the best way to make sure that you don’t spread any diseases around and thus you keep your working force healthy and ready to do what they do best.

At the same time, make sure that you call your workers in to work as little as possible, that is, if the job doesn’t demand them to come there in person. If for example you’re leading a call center you should try your hardest not to have your workers socialize with one another because that can easily end up spreading diseases around your working space.

Reemphasize Social Distancing Guidelines

There is a reason as to why we almost eradicated the fear of Covid-19 within a couple of months of its emergence and that is the fact that we promptly decided to stay as far away from each other as possible.

This has made it very easy for us to get through those trying time and we do have to say, without that social distancing we might not all be here today.

With that said, as time has moved on a lot of people have forgotten just how deadly Covid-19 really is. Because of this a lot of your workers will be seen hugging each other or talking face to face without wearing a mask.

If you want to make sure that your working force doesn’t call in sick the next day then you need to reemphasize those social distancing guidelines, trust us you will see a lot less visits to the doctor in doing so.

Call in a Professional Commercial Cleaner as Often as Possible

The great thing about professionals is that they are in fact the best at what they do, and they know how to handle practically every scenario imaginable. They are trained to be able to disinfect and clean up anything, and in doing so they can really save your business.

So, instead of complaining about how much you have to pay, think about it like this: Every business ends up losing billions every year because of workers calling in sick.

If you would rather spend a couple of thousand to get the job done and make sure that everyone’s safe and sound then there’s no better way to do it than to call in a professional commercial cleaner such as ourselves.

Contact us right away if your business resides in the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Maryland or Virginia, we cover all of those areas and we make sure that you get the best bang for your buck available.