Top Cleaning Complaints

In case you didn’t know by now, when you provide a certain service, you get to meet a lot of individuals that simply put try to abuse that as much as they can so that they get their money’s worth out of their acquisition.

This happens all the time in most every industry out there and the cleaning industry is no different. “What’s that? You dropped a raisin on the ground and now you fear that your whole house could be attacked by a swarm of ants? Oh, did the water spill from your fork all the way to the middle of the kitchen and you’re afraid that you’re going to slip over it and die a humorously painful death? Does the air feel too heavy for you and you want someone to suck it up and replace it with better air?”

While those may sound like overexaggerating you’d be shocked to hear the strange complaints that people have come across over the years in the cleaning industry. Why do they happen? Because we value our customers and we want to offer the best we can to them, which often times gets abused by the bored client.

Regardless, we’re not here to point fingers, instead what we’re here to do is we’re here to showcase some of the top cleaning complaints of all time, so strap right in because we’re about to show you exactly why many people refuse to work in the cleaning industry right here:

There’s Too Much Sunlight in my Room

As sad as that may sound, there have been plenty of similar requests over the years for cleaning companies and as is customary, we have to provide our services even for something as insignificant as this.

Since it is our job to please we have to go to the scene of the “crime” and fix the problem by either shutting down the sun for a while or doing the more complicated thing, which is of course, to pull the blinders and fix them up so that the sun doesn’t get in the room as much anymore.

The Parking Lot is Too Wet

Funny enough, this happens quite often as there are a lot of people that fear that they’ll slip on the wet ground and fall down to injure themselves. While we do actually believe that falling can cause a lot of pain and it can even lead to serious injury, we highly doubt something as minuscule as a little bit of rain water could cause such a huge incident.

On other news however, we have had to deal with similar issues in the past but for good reason, as the people that called were either pregnant women or people that suffered of disabilities and they needed to make sure they could make it to their cars promptly.

The Toilet Is Too Small

We live in a world that excels off of quantity over quality, so it’s no wonder that the obesity rates have been through the roof over the past couple of decades now. Because of this, many people have gotten so big that they actually ended up not being able to fit on their toilets anymore.

As you can already tell, while we feel for these individuals, this is not one of our many niches so we can’t really help out all that much from this point of view.

You Have Thrown Away the Piece of Paper I Discarded

This is actually a very common mistake that a lot of cleaning crews make over the years, although we do have to say that we shouldn’t judge them all that much simply because it’s very easy to get it confused when you’re on the spot cleaning up.

To you, as a cleaner, seeing a crimpled-up piece of paper next to the trash can only means one thing, and that’s that the owner of the place or one of the workers didn’t bother to check if their throw actually hit the mark or not.

So, as any responsible cleaner would do, you would find yourself throwing the piece of paper into the garbage container next to it but this isn’t always the right answer. Sometimes you have to be 10 moves ahead of the situation, and this is definitely one of those moments.

You Need to Clean My Whole House Because I Saw a Spider Web

The saddest part here is that asking a cleaning crew to come in order to clean up the spider web in itself isn’t a bad thing to do, it’s actually very common to ask for professional help when it comes to this.

The problem that we often find ourselves dealing with however is that the customers mistake the cleaning crew for the disinfestation crew. We are there to clean up for you, we’re not here to take care of the strange insects that have taken a liking to your house.

You Misplaced My Plants

Misplacing items can be quite annoying to deal with, trust us, we know, but what we can’t get behind is definitely the fact that many people immediately assume the fact that while we clean up, we can always put everything back to where we got it from.

In the process of disinfecting the whole area things can get misplaced, and if we’re talking about a full office makeover then things are bound to be pushed to the side or left elsewhere every now and then.

The Bathroom Stinks After I Use It

This is quite possibly the epitome of human brilliancy right here. While we understand that the smells coming from the toilet are not always going to be pleasant, we do urge you to understand that unless you literally hire a cleaning crew to do their job as soon as you’re done doing your job, you won’t be able to fully get rid of this problem and that’s a fact.

So, think it over and just open up a window to freshen up the place instead.