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The Secret to Commercial Covid Cleaning

In case you didn’t know by now, the world as we know it was completely turned upside down by the pandemic, literally changing everything and forcing a lot of companies to either crash and fall or adapt to this new age. This has raged on for quite some time now but luckily, with the emergence […]

The Cost of Poor Hand Hygiene

If we were to talk to the average person about 5 years ago about the importance of hand hygiene you’d definitely get a very different response than if you were to ask the same question nowadays simply because times have changed and we soon realized the cost of not taking care of your hand hygiene. […]

What to Keep in Mind as the Delta Variant Spreads

In case you didn’t know by now, while we did manage to fight off the virus for a while now, it’s back in force with the new Delta variant, and people are starting to panic yet again fearing that they’ll lose their loved ones to this awful pandemic. As of today, we have already spotted […]

Fighting Infections Through Proper Disinfection

For so long we didn’t know what we were doing, we were just sort of cleaning stuff up for the sake of doing it, we never knew the risks that came from not doing the job properly. We as a society have actually pretty much gotten obliterated by the Covid-19 pandemic when we should have […]

Top Cleaning Complaints

In case you didn’t know by now, when you provide a certain service, you get to meet a lot of individuals that simply put try to abuse that as much as they can so that they get their money’s worth out of their acquisition. This happens all the time in most every industry out there […]

What the Pandemic Taught Us About Infection Prevention

Ever since Covid-19 showed up, we’ve had to deal with a very harsh reality check that we were avoiding for the longest of time now. We had gotten lazy when it came to cleaning up, our hygiene was at an all-time low and no matter how you spin it, the pandemic definitely helped us realize […]

What Makes for a Good Cleaning Staff?

This short blog post is specifically tailored to appeal to those that are either looking to create their very own cleaning staff or for those that wish to hire the best cleaning crew available and they want to know if the team they went for was worth the investment. With that said, if you’re the […]

Xtreme Cleans – Keep Your Business Safe by Cleaning & Disinfecting It

As we stare down into the future with empty eyes, we realize that it’s not looking all that bright now, isn’t it? As far as we can tell, things are looking down as local health agencies have told us several times over hat there is a possibility that the dangerous Influenza season is coming straight […]