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The Secret to Commercial Covid Cleaning

In case you didn’t know by now, the world as we know it was completely turned upside down by the pandemic, literally changing everything and forcing a lot of companies to either crash and fall or adapt to this new age.

This has raged on for quite some time now but luckily, with the emergence of the vaccine we have managed to suppress its hold over humanity.

But now that we have the Delta variant to deal with, it’s no wonder that people have started to feel that same itch on the back of their heads making everything feel like it could collapse at any minute.

Luckily however, not everything that came from the pandemic was bad, we actually did learn a few quick methods to adapt to this new landscape by simply changing to a new method of cleaning up, one that almost completely erased the fear for all cleaning companies out there.

If you want to find out what this groundbreaking discovery was then keep on reading because you might also be able to use it to your company’s advantage to bring yourself up during these trying times. So, with that being said, let’s jump right into it.

The Secret

Let’s not beat around the bush too much and just say it how it is, the secret to this new method is the usage of the brand-new electrostatic spray.

You might be thinking to yourself, “But wait, this isn’t a new method by any means” and you’d be right. It actually originated from the 1940s when a man by the name of Harold Ransburg decided to use this new method for painting of all things.

The more he did it however, the more he realized just how useful the electrostatic sprayer method was at covering a larger area of effect while also coating non-porous surfaces as a whole. This is all thanks to the positive charge of the sprayer that you can find attached directly to the paint. This makes it so that it doesn’t attach itself to the surfaces as easily as any other method of spraying would.

But, despite the fact that this method has been around for such a long time, very few people have decided to use it for their cleaning simply because they were never told how amazing it is in the first place.

Commercial Covid Cleaning

Once Covid started riling up people though, everybody started looking over different ways of doing things, trying to use the newfound time that they had to improve their lifestyle and make it easier to do everything that they hated to do before, cleaning included.

So, this is where the ingenious minds of the bored residents came into play, as they realized that they could combine the electrostatic spray with a disinfectant which made it so that cleaning would be easier than ever before.

Why You Should Pick the Electrostatic Spray Method

There are plenty of reasons that we’ve already mentioned above, but if you’re still not convinced then let’s list them one by one and tell you exactly why you need to introduce this in your plans. So, here’s why you need to pick this method as opposed to any other method out there:

It Covers a Much Wider Area of Effect

As mentioned previously, this allows you to cover a lot more of the surface than previous methods could. Instead of using spray bottle disinfectants you can eliminate all viruses and germs by simply spraying once instead of having to continuously spray every corner to make sure you didn’t miss out on anything.

Spray bottle nozzles are not exactly known for their girth, if anything they’re pretty pathetic when it comes to the area of effect they cover. This is why you need to use the electrostatic spray method; you will cover a lot more and so you’ll have to do a lot less work for an overall better payoff. What’s there not to like about it?

It’s Much Safer

“Safe” is a word that has become synonymous with happiness nowadays because honestly there is no better word to use to describe your loved ones than that. Being safe has definitely become a priority for us all during these trying times, so you can already guess why being safe is such a plus for the electrostatic spray method.

First and foremost, you get to make use of the famous UVC lights to make sure that the air is clean and most importantly, that the surfaces are non-porous so nothing gets ruined in the process.

While you still have to deal with the mercury exposure when it comes to the electrostatic spray method, this is child’s play compared to the many different risks you were forced to undertake before.

At the end of the day, you risk catching Covid quite quickly if you try to clean an area using the normal method, which is why it’s just generally so much better to keep yourself safe and just use the electrostatic spray method instead.

The wider area of effect mentioned previously also serves as a great help towards making it safer as you’ll be spending a lot less time exposed to the virus. While there will always be risks involved, there’s no reason as to why you wouldn’t want to use electrostatic sprayers to do your spring cleaning.

You Can Have Us Do It for You

In case you’re still scared of doing it on your own though you don’t have to worry because we are here for you. We can help you out in no time, just give us a ring and we’ll make sure that the virus is no longer in your house, office or anywhere else you’d want us to clean for you.

We use electrostatic sprayers to combat the virus, and we make sure that not only you but your family, your loved ones and your staff are all perfectly safe. Remember, safety is key in all of this, and we’re here to provide that safety for you.