Commonly Missed Areas While Cleaning That Could Prevent Covid-19

While cleaning up should always be considered a priority regardless of what kind of business you own, it is especially important that you make sure that you cover all the areas out there so that you don’t end up contracting Covid-19 simply because you didn’t feel like doing the job the right way.

This happens a lot more than you’d think, as many businesses end up hiring commercial cleaning companies that simply put do not deliver on their promises. They ignore the most important surfaces, the surfaces on which Covid-19 thrives.

Remember, this is a deadly pandemic you’re dealing with, and you can’t be messing around with it like that. If you don’t take care of yourself and your staff then sooner than later, you’ll all be coughing up a storm or worse.

Sure, commercial Covid cleaning companies specialize in this sort of a job, and they’ll make sure that they do a lot more than the average person would do for you. But even so, they can still end up doing a half-job either being they didn’t notice these special areas or simply put because they don’t care enough to do it.

To make sure that you are getting the best service available, you need to pick out the best commercial cleaning company for you. But, how do you know which one’s the best? While there are plenty of factors that you need to take into consideration here, if we’re talking strictly Covid-19 cleaning companies, then here are the four main areas that they absolutely must cleanup under your command:

Electrical Outlets and Light Switches

Despite the fact that this is pretty much just universally considered to be one of the dirtiest spots in your house or in your establishment, there are still a ton of cleaners out there that would specifically ignore them simply because they look clean from afar.

The problem here isn’t over whether the light switches are shiny or not, it’s about whether they are harboring viruses and microbes on them which are impossible to spot with the naked eye.

This is why you will need the team to cover these surfaces, because if you don’t clean them up then you’re pretty much bound to have Covid eventually because that’s the main area that it resides on.

Regardless of whether it’s an electrical outlet around your house or in your office, the fact of the matter is that you will be touching it every single day multiple times over, making it a magnet for microbes and viruses including Covid-19.

You should also always clean your hands up with hand sanitizer after you touch these surfaces because you never know when the disease might be lurking on it.

Upholstery and Seating

While not always intentional, there are plenty of cleaning services, professional and whatnot, that will accidentally forget about wiping and cleaning the upholstery and seating. But, that’s not always the case.

Any expert cleaner out there will let you know right off the bat that the upholstery cleaning is one of the most tedious parts of the job, and that this takes about double the work of any other surface in your office.

Because of this, if they know that you don’t know what the most important parts to clean around your house are, they will purposefully ignore the upholstery to make their job easier.

But you should know that a quick disinfection is always needed regarding your upholstery because without it you are exposed to a lot of diseases and infections, Covid-19 included.

On top of that, you should already know that you can use spray disinfectants and wipes to clean up your office chair, since most of them are made out of metals, plastic and leather.

Always make sure that the services you get are worth the investment because there will be plenty of teams out there that will try to rob you of your time and money by simply doing half the job as opposed to doing what they were supposed to be doing all along.

Vent Covers

The venting system will always be tricky to clean up, but it’ll always be worth it because it is the main source of indoor air that you’ll find. The truth is that many of us tend to forget to clean up inside of it, but while you are allowed to disregard this once or twice, a professional team should never do so because it is one of the most important spots to clean in the whole house.

The vent cover is essentially the main spot that the air you’re breathing will be coming through, which means that if it’s full of dust and microbes you are going to end up with an infection in no time.

Make sure that the air you’re breathing is clean by always cleaning up your vent covers. Remember, Covid-19 doesn’t reside in the ground or in the water, it’s all in the air, and there’s no better air for it than the dusty crumpled up air that comes through that dusty vent cover.

You can do this yourself if you ever feel like it, just remove the cover and dust around a bit, maybe even throw some disinfectant in there to make it all the better for yourself.

But, remember that regardless of what you are doing up there, you’re never doing as much as a professional cleaner would, so definitely hire a team of professionals and see to it that they clean up your vent covers for you.

Underneath Appliances

Believe it or not, but this is actually one of those spots that most people don’t even consider when they’re doing their summer cleaning. While we sort of understand the fact that what you don’t see you don’t really worry about, this should be the case right here as it’s incredibly important that you clean the underside of your appliances if you don’t want to become the host of Covid-19.

The reason as to why Covid thrives in these areas is because Covid loves moisture, and there’s nothing more wet than the underside of your coffee maker. Even if you are a hundred percent careful at what you’re doing, there will eventually be spilling happening and just like that, you’ll have yourself a mess underneath your coffee maker that will attract a ton of viruses including mold and bacteria for that matter.

So, when your cleaning crew arrives, make sure that you let them know that they should lift all of your appliances and clean their underside too.

If you’re dealing with a professional cleaning company then there shouldn’t be any problems here as they’ll understand the importance of it all and they’ll do the job you asked them to do. If they refuse to do it however, then immediately go for another cleaning company.

For more information, be sure to contact us, Xtreme Cleans, so that we can show you exactly what a professional cleaning company should be like.